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Islamic Awareness Days

Twice every year, two days per semester, the MSA holds its flagship event-the Islamic Awareness Days, or IAD. The 7th floor is booked for the two day event where the MSA spares no expense to set up a display impressive enough to draw in big crowds of interested observers and participants. IAD was covered in several media outlets, like the Montreal Gazette, CFCF 12, and the student press.

These displays include:

  • Free hennah (traditional Eastern decorative body patternings made out of ground herbs)
  • Free pop-corn
  • Free cotton-candy
  • Free samosas
  • Free Eastern sweet
  • Free professional Arabic calligraphy
  • Free sampling of numerous Eastern musks and perfumes
  • Free sampling of Arabian, Persian, and East Asian traditional Muslim clothing and apparel
  • Free literature and readable material, including copies of Qur’ans and other books and pamphlets meant to inform the curious and the interested in Islam

Numerous picturesque and impressive tables, each with its own motif. Such for instance, include:

  • ‘Islamic Civilization’,
  • ‘Islamic Art/Architecture’,
  • ‘Islamic History’,
  • ‘Science and Islam’,
  • ‘Women and Islam’,
  • ‘Islam’s answer to Terrorism’,
  • ‘Islamic Economics’,
  • ‘Islam and Politics’,
  • ‘Islamic Philosophy’ and still many others, given the creativity and innovative spirit of MSA members.
  • The Eastern-Tent’ motif. A fulcrum of the display is the exotic ‘Eastern-style tent’ where students come in to experience a sort of Middle Eastern atmosphere, complete with ornaments, decorations, and hangings, with the air literally suffused by lit incense. It is the central motif of the display.

These are manned by MSA volunteers ready to answer questions about Islam and other subjects of interest and relevance to the display and its theme. University professors who specialize in Islamic studies themselves have used some of the material available in the displays for research purposes.

Banners, and other set-ups are hung and draped Persian rugs and traditional fabrics are arranged.

Short speeches given by MSA members in order to welcome the visiting crowds and inform them about Islam and the MSA’s services, in addition to showing some interesting video presentations.