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MSA Services

Daily Prayers in SGW and Loyola

Muslims are required to perform 5 obligatory daily prayers, depending on the position of the sun, from dawn till twilight. It is an effective way of reinvigorating one’s spiritual well-being, while immersed in the bustle and stresses of school.

The prayer room has a capacity of over 100 brothers and 60 sisters. It is equipped with Quraans, Wudu areas, carpeted floors and announcement boards.

In addition to holding the daily 5 prayers in congregation, various Halaqas (learning circles) are held covering basic aspects of Islamic knowledge operate in the Musalla throughout the week.

LoyolaMuslim daily prayer services, and their weekly congregational counterparts (Friday Prayer), along with Ramadan dinners have been duplicated at Loyola. Their necessity has now greatly increased due to the influx of science students in the past two years. Responsibilities on the MSA are now more pronounced because of the added pressures in Loyola.

MSA Prayer Rooms

  • Hall building (SGW Campus) room H-716 on the 7th floor (Open from 8AM-11PM) — MAP
  • SC Building (Loyola Campus) room SC 03-02 — MAP