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MSA Team 2013-2014

The 2013-2014 MSA Team is a council that mirrors the diversity found at Concordia and within the Muslim Student Association. From all faculties and backgrounds the MSA Team comes together to brainstorm, facilitate and create an atmosphere that helps Muslim students adjust to university and to feel comfortable. Collectively we aim to provide diverse activities in safe environments while looking to the example of the Prophet (PBUH), to strengthen our faith and perfect our character.

Please feel free to contact the MSA team with an inquiries or concerns.


Abdel Latif Khoumaissi

VP Secretary

Haneen Alatrash

VP Internal

Majed Jamous

VP Finance

Aaishah Karim

VP Concordia

Aaisha Malik

VP Communications

Tariq Ahmed Khan

VP Library

Khaoula Abtouche

VP Brothers’ Activities

Ahmad Choukhair

VP Sister’s activities

Azar Briekani

VP Education

Hussain Muhammad

VP Education-Sisters

Noor Salah

VP Prayer Space-Brothers

Mohamed Nasser

VP Prayer Space-Sisters

Jinene El

VP Loyola

Tariq Ahmed Khan


  • Murtaza Khan
  • Museb Nabil Abu-Thuraia