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Our History

Founded in the early 70’s, the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) of Concordia University is the largest and most active student association under the CSU umbrella. MSA strives to provide high quality services to Muslim students on a daily basis at both the Sir George Williams and Loyola campuses. Over and above serving the needs of Muslim students, the MSA continuously holds events and lectures that cater to the interests of Muslim students, but are also attended by several non-Muslim students wanting to learn more about Islam.

MSA Concordia works to base its reputation on communication within the University and community at large. By providing religious material in many languages and highlighting the ethnic diversity found within our members and executives, we are a truly unique club on campus.

The association is supported by volunteers that consistently and tirelessly give several hours each week to enhance student life. With daily prayer and Friday prayer services at both campuses, lectures, study circles and events related to Ramadan, a countless number of students benefit from MSA activities at any given time.

By working to provide stable resources for students and maintaining ties with many organizations inside and outside of university perimeters, the MSA strives to deliver diverse events and opportunities for the Muslim student body and community.

The great variety and number of activities presented by the MSA, along with the great number of volunteers that this requires, makes the MSA a valuable part of the Concordia University student experience. The CSU executive and councilors are invited to get to know the MSA better and take advantage of its many services and events.